Facebook Video Downloader

Facebook Online Video Downloader

Facebook video downloader. Facebook is the only website or app in the world that is used all over the world and daily millions of people upload videos and photos on it and share it with their friends. But let me tell you, even videos are not downloaded from Facebook, Facebook tells you that if you want to watch videos, you can watch online videos from our website or app, but you want those videos to be on your mobile or computer. They can also be seen on the without internet whenever we want.

In the meantime, let me tell you - we have a so-called Facebook video downloader from which you can download videos and you can save on your mobile. All you need to do is use this facebook video downloader and you can use this downloader whenever you want. Bookmark this facebook video downloader so you don't have to type in your browser's address bar again and again.

Facebook is world famous social media website. Billions of people use Facebook worldwide and sharing photos and videos with friends and family member. Downloading of Facebook videos is illegal you can not download Facebook videos without owner' permissions but You2mate facebook video downloader provide you to download Facebook videos online without using any software. Just open facebook online video downloader.

    And paste your video "URL" above the box and click download button.


How can you Download Facebook Videos Online?

  ♦ Go to Facebook App.

  ♦ Find your video in your friends' profile or on Facebook.

  ♦ Click sharing button and Copy the Facebook video "URL"

  ♦ Paste "URL" in the box and click download button.

  ♦ Facebook video downloader convert your video in MP4 in HD quality and select video format and then click "Download" button

  ♦ Now, your video save to your phone/pc and enjoy the video later. 


Free Online Video Downloader

♦ First you go to the website from where you want to download the video.

♦ Now try to find that video and copy the "URL" of that video from the address bar.

♦ Now copy the URL of the video you want to download and then open you2mate free video downloader.

♦ Now enter the URL you copied into the box above.

♦ And press the download button.

♦ You can see the different video formats you want to download such as (Mp4, HD quality).

♦ Again click "Download" button.

♦ Downloader convert your video automatically.

♦ You can watch it whenever you want without internet.